The NuWiper Team:

NuWiper was designed by a team of economical and safety-minded engineers who were tired of seeing hundreds of thousands of wiper blades being tossed into landfills. Why not reuse them and extend the life of the blades? There is no reason to throw away a perfectly good blade that can be made factory fresh in a couple of minutes!

Save Money and Eliminate Waste

Manufactured wiper blades use energy, resources and are designed to be disposable. No more! Some wiper blades can cost close to $40 or even more for some luxury cars. We don't like spending money for nothing, so we found the best way to extend the life of your old wipers. We designed the NuWiper to be the "knife sharpener" for your wiper blades!

Why NuWiper?

Nu Wiper is carefully manufactured. The safe, durable sharpening element is designed to last for years. It will easily renew your blades hundreds and hundreds of times! This is the only such device you will ever need! We’re that confident you’ll love it, and that’s why it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you decide it’s not for you, no problem! We will exchange it for something better suited to you.

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